Hawaii part 2 of 2 (Waikiki)

After chilling out on Oahu’s North Shore, it was a bit of a shock to arrive in Waikiki! We arrived at our hotel, which had a nice-sized room… as always it would have been lovely to have had a suite, but we weren’t there for long. I have heard it said before, and I completely agree, Waikiki is similar to Vegas, but on the beach!


A couple quick notes if you are heading to Waikiki:

  • It’s loud… Not necessarily house party loud but as soon as you are off the beach Waikiki is basically tall buildings, sidewalks and road… so there is nowhere for sound to go but bounce up the buildings! I’m not saying it was horrendous, just something to be aware of!
  • It’s super fun to wander through the hotels on the waterfront (the Westin Moana Surfrider… yes please!) but they are like a labyrinth!
  • It’s not cheap… the Canadian dollar was also not doing so hot, but still I have had some darn cheap (and tasty) food in the States, not so much on this trip!
  • We missed a few key tourist spots (Pearl Harbour and a hike up Diamond Head for example). I feel that we could have done them if we had really wanted to, but we were happy to just relax!


What we learned:

  • Every restaurant welcomed us and baby H with open arms! However, it was more an issue actually finding one that was open early enough for dinner!
  • Stroller wins every time… it was super crowded on the streets and I’m not going to say that we used the stroller as a crowd control device, but lets just say as soon as people saw the stroller they got out of the way! Haha!
  • Location, location, location. When travelling with a little one you never know when you are going to need to head back to the hotel for a nap (either for yourself or babe) so having a central location makes a difference. We made sure that our hotel was close to the beach so we could get there and back in a snap!


Great we brought that we actually used:

  • Pack and Play portable crib, although the hotel offered us a crib, we already had it so it wasn’t a big deal. We also made sure to have our handy noise machine to help drown up the other noise.
  • Tummy time mat for playing in the room
  • Stroller (we brought an umbrella stroller as she could sit in it without her car seat and it was light!) and a muslin blanket (for throwing over her in sun and when napping)
  • Diapers –changing station on couch! We brought a ton of diapers and wipes, but only because we brought the pack and play and had some extra space… if we hadn’t brought them it would have taken us 2 seconds to find some over there!


Above photo is baby H enjoying the view and waiting for the live music before dinner!

* It should be noted that baby H was 5 months, was just starting to be introduced to solids and just learned to roll over on this trip

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