Dream Destination…

There are few places I wouldn’t love to visit, but obviously I have some places that have a particular soft spot in my heart. Some of them are a bit odd, some baby friendly, and some… not so much. My dream for as long as I can remember has been go to Antarctica (not so baby friendly!).

I think this odd obsession (lets just call a spade a spade) started when my great aunt and her husband visited. I was just amazed at the idea that you could go somewhere so remote! Do you know anyone who has been to Antarctica? Along with the remote location the thought of seeing so many icebergs sounded just beautiful… And then the other shoe dropped… PENGUINES!!! Count me in! I will never forget when the Calgary Zoo decided to host some penguins… I nearly lost my mind! In the winter they actually take some of the penguins on a walk. It is always fun to take baby H to the Zoo, but add a penguin walk and you know I am there! I have seen it a few times and I still turn into a giggling little girl everything I see them waddling along!


For some years now I have been receiving Quark Expeditions travel brochures. These days there are many other companies that offer great sounding trips… but if I could pick any company Quark seem like the ones to go with! There are quite a few companies that offer a variety of options to get to Antarctica, including flying options, if you are interested in going. Some organizations are particularly family friendly! In my trip research it seems that the best age for kids to go along is 8 years old (this is also the earliest age often allowed)… so I have a bit of time to save! It is worth noting that children are not allowed to go on many excursions depending on the company you go with… so perhaps this will be a mommy and daddy trip?

It is not a cheap destination, and not exactly a quick trip but that hasn’t dampened my desire to go! The tours are very pricey, but when you see how small the tours are and think about the fact you are going to ANTARCTICA… it kinda makes sense. An additional challenge (beside the obvious weather, cost, travel, etc.) of these tours is that many of them start and end in Ushuaia, Argentina… not exactly a major hub!

Seeing photographs from Antarctica I am always surprised by the landscapes… seriously take a minute to search Google images “Antarctica”… it’s stunning! I can just imagine paddling along in a kayak, cold wind against my face, looking up at giant icebergs… I have definitely romanticized it in my mind, I know! I can’t imagine having photograph that I have taken of such an amazing place! Romanticizing it just a touch more… I can’t help but think about the explorer that first discovered it!


Maybe you still think I’m a bit crazy… and that’s okay! It isn’t a trip for everyone, but hopefully one day I will telling you first hand how I managed to fulfill this life long dream, and it was every bit as amazing, and cold, as I thought it would be! On a side note my husbands dream destination… Bora Bora… I’d go there without complaint as well!

12 thoughts on “Dream Destination…

  1. I’ve always want to go to Antarctica too! I mean it would be so cool to be like ” yeah, I just back from Antarctica..” the reactions would be priceless.. but also it looks beautiful there!


  2. Not crazy. I love artic animals (penguins, polar bears, artic foxes). One of my dreams was to see a polar bear in real life (not in the zoo…although the first time I saw one at the Tulsa zoo, I immediately bursted in to happy tears). One of my bosses went to Antartica during a cruise one time. (it was an excursion) and she said it was beautiful.


  3. I am a warm weather girl through and through, so the thought of visiting Antarctica has literally never crossed my mind! I just googled pictures though and HOLY COW. So stunning! Maybe I need to add this to my list of places to visit…I mean penguins…duh!

    xo Ashley


  4. My husband and I have our tickets purchased to go to Chile in December/January. My hubby grew up in Chile and as a child spent a few years living near Antarctica. We will be heading down that way to see Patagonia! You are not alone in your desire to visit the end of the earth. 🙂


  5. That is a dream destination for sure. I only know one person who has personally been and he is a travel god. 😉 Good luck. I hope you get there some day


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