Everything French!

Ok so I have never considered myself a Francophile… but perhaps I should re-evaluate this, as I seem to be rather obsessed with anything and everything French! The funny thing is that it is mostly baby related as well! Here are some of the French baby things I am currently loving

Books for Harper:

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans – Did you know they made Madeline in bored book form? Yah I found this and HAD to have it! I have and will always love Madeline… great bedtime read!

Tiny Traveler: France: A Book of Colours – “the cheese is yellow”, “the beret is black” and other life lessons… hehe so cute!

Paris: A Book of Shapes (Hello, World) by Ashley Evanson – This book is so French I just love it! Versailles, The Arc De Triomphe, the page with the Patisserie… it’s amazing!

All Aboard! Paris by Kevin Meyers – a board book with french and english labels for things… even if you can’t speak french… very fun!

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – they make little bored books as well as the obvious classic!

Kiki & Coco in Paris by Nina Gruener – a precious book with photographs of a girl and her doll in paris… really special!

Osborne: My First French Word Book – probably a bit to soon for H, but for kids a bit older very fun! I remember I had a few of these and I loved seeing words in different languages!

Books for mom:

Babe Day By Day by Pamela Druckerman–This is the follow up to “Bring up Bebe”, which I admit I have not read. The “Day By Day” was a super cute, easy read, that you could pick up and read a page or two easily. The basic idea behind these books is an American mothers view on French parenting style.

Shout out to my local librarian for passing on some of the delightful books mentioned above! Library Love 🙂


I am in desperate search for a beret for little Miss H… but no luck yet! However I have acquired a few awesome items for H to wear. These include many stripes, a trench coat that matches my own, French PJ’s and even a sleep sack that has a wiener dog wearing a beret (I swear this last one is just an odd coincidence!)

Food (ok this is more for me and H’s dad)

Macarons – oh if you are in Calgary please do yourself the favour and check out Ollia Macarons & tea… I am seriously obsessed! Me and some of my mom friends actually did their macaron class before Christmas… it was awesome!

Julia Child’s cookbook… because isn’t everything better with more butter?

French wine… have to prepare ourselves, would hate to not know what to taste!

11 thoughts on “Everything French!

  1. I’ve only been to France twice, but I too love the French culture. Especially their artwork, architecture and fashion. It’s so fun how you’ve incorporated your love for France in your everyday life as you raise your little one. And a big YAY to having taken a Macaroon cook class!


  2. I LOVE this! I’m a bit of a francofile, but it only developed after learning French and becoming a francophone. Now I want to go to France, and I love all things French food and reading! I need more French books.


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