She Got It From Her Momma!

I remember staring at our little peanut when she was very little (ok and not so long ago when she was asleep) for hours and just wondering what kind of person she will be, what is she going to look like when she is older, what is she going to sound like, what is she going to be interested in. Will she be chatty like her mom or quiet like her dad? As soon as anyone sees her comparisons always seem to start… “Oh she has her dad’s eyes” “moms lips”… to be honest she is the spitting of image of her dad. I still find it endlessly amusing to try and find bits of me in her face and imagine what she is going to look like when she is older. I then start to wonder what aspects of our personality she will share as well.

Recently the sun has been shining… the temperature has been rising… everyone has been heading outside! Unfortunately for this ginger that means it’s time to layer on the sunscreen and hang out in the shade. The other day I got my first sunburn of the season… booo… Out of all my traits (vain or not) I really hope my munchkin doesn’t have my fair, translucent, skin. I hope she gets my sense of humor, and her grandpa’s ability to chat up just about anyone! Her grandma’s organizational skills wouldn’t be a bad thing to share, particularly combined with her dads smarts! We already know, by her growth patterns, that she will have her mom and dad’s height. I wonder what new traits she will have that will combine with little bits of her family!

It’s funny how, as I have gotten older, I have started to take note of what I inherited from my mom and from my dad. I am the spitting image of my dad… sorry mom! I have not inherited my mother’s excellent spelling and editing unfortunately! My mom’s love of art and culture has seeped into my personality. I am a mix of both parents… for sure! I often find when my friends met my parents I suddenly made a lot more sense!

What did you get from your family? What do you hope your kiddos get from you?

Finally I hope that everyone has a very happy Mother’s Day this weekend! Love you mom 🙂

This made me giggle 🙂

9 thoughts on “She Got It From Her Momma!

  1. My mom was a talker. She loved people and she always loved unconditionally to friends and family. As I have gotten older I have noticed traits of my mom in me. My mom would also tell it like it was and didn’t hold back. That is now me as a mom. lol


  2. I am stubborn just like my mum, which I only realised when my daughter inherited it too! I love seeing how my kids personalities are developing though. They’re both a bit cheeky like their dad too 🙂


  3. I can sooo relate to this!! I always think about this when family is visiting and they make comments about our son, like “oh he gets that from his dad” and I think, well, my brother was like that too!


  4. LOL! I love this and that hilarious image! My daughter is a spitting image of me, fortunately! She gets her dad’s junky food habits and my observant personality. She was a serious baby, rarely smiled. Now, she smiles a lot more but still likes to be quiet and serious.


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