My Village: 3 of 4: Solid as a Rock

There are some relationships that come and go, and then there are those that stick around no matter what. Family is obviously huge, but there are also some friendships that from day one you know are going to last a looooong time!

First off family… what can I say… family to me is the most important. These people have and always will be the heart of my “village”. I am so lucky that not only do I have the most supportive family I also have the best family-in-law! Both sets of parents have been absolutely invaluable to me. For me there is something so special about having my own mom help me out, and then being able to foster such a great relationship with my mother-in-law… bonus!!! I could go on and on about the grandparents but something I didn’t expect was my sister-in-law. H’s Aunty is the best! Her excitement and love for her niece is just amazing! I knew the grandparents would adore their granddaughter but seeing Aunty L with H has often made me almost teary eyed. I can’t wait to see how their relationship is going to continue to build in the years to come. To know that this little girl is surrounded by so much love is almost overwhelming! Knowing that H has so many people around her that would do anything for her has allowed me to relax as I know that if I need anything they will be here for me in a second!

I have friends here and there and somehow I have managed to make some seriously amazing friends! I think about people I met on trips, through my “book” club, at university, through work and even from childhood… these people rock! Some of these people I may have known for ages and some are actually relatively new, but these friendships are solid! Sure they have and will change and evolve, but once we were friends… it was friends on, forever! Thank you so those friends that listened to me complain, listened to me when I needed to just vent, made me laugh when I needed that, poured me some wine when I needed that and distracted when that was the right course of action. Some of you have kids and get it, some of you don’t and still get it! Some of you don’t have kids, have straight up said you have no clue… but you are still just as valuable to me! I still love you all!

So thank you to my new and old family for loving my little person so unconditionally. And thank you friends for your friendship; I hope I have been there for you as much as you have for me!

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