My Village: 4 of 4: My Baby Mommas!

So far I have thanked many people in my “village”. I have acknowledge people that have left, those that have come back, family, and friends that have always been there. Today I want to talk about a new special group of friends that I have affectionately termed my “baby mommas” and “the baby momma dads”. I met these couples (and their babies) in a “birth and babies” class N and I took pre and post baby! We were all due within a week and now have about a month spread between our babies birthdates.

Sometimes I see some of these amazing mommas and their little ones 5 times a week! Some of them I see once every month or so and other will touch base through funny posts in our Facebook group. We are all first time parents, and just trying to figure things out as best we can… and I cannot tell you how much I adore these people! Having people going through the same thing you are makes those days when you just “can’t even”, a little bit more manageable!

I think back to a time when I didn’t know these people and I have a very hard time picturing it! Currently one of our core group is off in Europe, and then it is my turn and I can’t believe we are going to go for so long without seeing each other! After a week I miss these ladies and their munchkins. I can’t wait till our girls are bigger girls and can roll their eyes as the parents dig out photos of when they were so tiny playing together. Often at lunch a few of us imagine what type of girls they will be like… we have the adventurous one, always on the move, always trying something new. There is the serious one, calm and just taking it all in as the others get into trouble. The silly one, making faces, giving toothy smiles, exploring and sometimes giving her mom a little bit of attitude! I love these ladies and their babies!

So thank you baby mommas for your understanding, for the laughs and for the future!

4 thoughts on “My Village: 4 of 4: My Baby Mommas!

  1. We love you too Maya, and can’t imagine going through all of this with out you. Your a very loving and caring person, who is always up for a good laugh as well. Looking forward to the future together 😉 xoxo


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