Flying Overseas With A 10 Month Old

Paris is always a good idea… am I right? The only thing that makes it not a great idea is the fact that we live in Alberta and Europe is very far away! To get to France we took an 8-hour flight to London Heathrow had a fairly short transfer and then had an hour flight to Paris.

We flew British Airways and in terms of their baby options we were very impressed! I loved that we had the option between a more traditional bassinette and a little chair that attaches to the bulkhead. We tried to the bassinette heading over there, but H was far too big. She ended up falling asleep on me so we didn’t bother to try the little seat out. On the way back however, we had them set it up right away and it was wonderful! I could get up and pee whenever I wanted, I ate dinner, I had feeling in all my limbs!! We reclined the chair and bam… she was out! It was awesome!

I found it interesting that in Calgary and Paris the moment anyone saw H we were immediately escorted to the front of the line, but in London they couldn’t have cared less. I found it really nice that we didn’t have to wait in the customs or security lineups! To be fair in London everything moved rather quickly, I was just a bit surprised!

We had 3 carry-on bags, one for us, a diaper bag and a little backpack with extra baby stuff.

Here is what we brought for H:

  • A pillow (this was awesome for when she feel asleep on me as she is basically a heater)
  • A few, relatively quiet, toys… mostly chewing ones
  • Her diaper bag with the usual fixings and a few extra diapers
  • Food, snacks, dinner, baby cereal, water and formula (bottles as well)
  • Baby carrier (often European transfers don’t allow you to pick up your stroller!)
  • Baby blanket for the chilly plane
  • Extra soothers
  • A couple changes of clothing… because you never know!
  • Her toiletry kit… including Benadryl just in case things got rough…. Also we tested it prior to the flight to ensure it wouldn’t result in a hyperactive reaction!

I brought extra of everything, even though we didn’t even use half the stuff we brought… I swear the moment you don’t have it you need it!

9 thoughts on “Flying Overseas With A 10 Month Old

  1. That seat is amazing… I wish Canadian airlines had the same options! I’m already dreading travelling with a newborn and a toddler… Great entry!


  2. Wow! What a fabulous idea – a little chair that attaches to the bulkhead. I bet this idea was engineered by a mother. It’s so great that even when you know that traveling with kiddos is a challenge that you still get up and do it. That’s exactly how my husband and I were when our girls were small. And it was so, so worth it! 🙂


  3. Great job, mama! It can definitely be tough flying with a toddler, and you did a great job! Love your tips too. We’re in Portland, Oregon so we have an extra 5-10 hours of travel for us when we fly to Europe. I haven’t had to fly through London, but I keep hearing it’s one of the worst places to fly in & out of, especially with kids. Those chairs that attach to the bulkhead are genius!


  4. Great post. We are going to try for kids soon and we will absolutely be traveling with them. I know it wont always be easy but it’s nice to know tips and tricks 🙂 Thanks
    Danielle |


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