Solo Day in Paris: With Baby

One of the days we were in Paris N took a tour up to Vimy Ridge. So it was H and I exploring Paris! I love trying to do the local thing, getting away from the tourist areas… but I also love a good hop-on hop-off tour! For my birthday my mom gave us a 3 day one so we ended up using this as a bit of a shuttle service. Paris does not have the most stroller friendly metro, which wasn’t an issue with two people; one person would have presented more challenges! So for our day together I put H in her carrier and set off on the bus!

H loved sitting on top of the bus… the wind in her hair… there was some serious baby-giggle action going down! I felt a bit better with her in a carrier than just holding her, as she can be so wiggly and surprisingly strong! Eventually she fell asleep in the carrier and I got to continue doing a bit of sight seeing.

We got off at Notre Dame and wandered up to the Centre Pompidou (the modern art museum). Before we reached the museum we stopped at a beautiful park where I changed and fed H. I have considered numerous times trying to record some of the places we have changed her… the things you make work! Haha! We grabbed some lunch and we had a little picnic at another square. Finally it was to the Pompidou!

For all the times I have been to Paris I have never made it to the Pompidou so I was very excited to check it out. I loved that there were so many people relaxing outside admiring the very cool building… and the school groups (tiny kiddos to teenagers) made my teacher heart smile! I must say I wasn’t completely blown away with the collection, but I was still very happy that I visited! Besides the collection there are also some great views of Paris! Going to museums with a baby is actually great for the simple reason that they have baby changing facilities… not always the easiest thing to find!

I loved wandering the collections with H swinging her legs in her carrier. At one point we entered a very busy, but quiet room and as usual guess who stole the show! Everyone was admiring the art when all of a sudden Harper let out a huge giggle! Everyone then started smiling and laughing… it was actually really nice! We had a snack in front of one very large painting and I noticed many people trying to take pictures of us… we were darn cute if I do say so myself 😉

We stopped by the Luxembourg gardens next and had a lovely stroll. I think that Paris would be such a great destination for older kids… there are so many playgrounds and carousels everywhere!

It was a great day, but having a second set of hands with a wiggly little one makes things so much easier! I was so glad that N had an amazing day… but glad it was only a day!

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6 thoughts on “Solo Day in Paris: With Baby

    1. I had a little day pack that I put her change pad in, diapers, wipes, snacks, water and a change of clothing… I knew I wouldn’t need toys. I tried to keep it minimul… It helped we were staying in a very central locations so I knew I could always hop on the metro if I needed to head home for a nap or anything!


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! My husband and I really want to travel, but we have four little ones under the age of five right now soooo… 😉


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