Day Trip to Cannes

I am still not entirely clear how it works, but for some reason having a baby and traveling during non peak times often means cheap train tickets! We somehow managed to use this to our advantage when we headed to Cannes for a tiny day trip. We happened to be there during the film festival so I was excited to go and check it out. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I have to say I was a tad bit disappointed.

It was interesting to see the famous stairs where you see all the celebrities photographed. Unfortunately being “normal people” we were unable to go into anything. There were a few groups of people and photographers hanging outside some hotels waiting for famous folk to walk out, but I am the impatient sort and didn’t really feel like waiting.

H just taking a nap!


We strolled along the “beach” which was less a beach and more restaurants. Some of the restaurants have docks sticking out into the water with deluxe looking loungers… to be seen no doubt. It was neat to see how some of the hotels were set up for specific movies. The Trolls and new Star Trek movies were being heavily hyped! One of the more interesting sights we saw was on one of the docks on the beach. A very large group of individuals were practicing yoga… while all dressed in white… with a violinist playing… hmmm??

10 thoughts on “Day Trip to Cannes

  1. That beach looks so pretty! And I’m with you, I don’t have the patience to hang around, waiting to see a celebrity. It would be neat if I did though!


  2. The beach looks so pretty! And I’m with you, I definitely don’t have the patience to hang around waiting for celebrities. I’m always surprised that people have that kind of patience!


  3. It does look very calm for the famous Canned Film Fest. Where is everybody? I cover red carpets for some film festivals, and celebs usually arrive about 30 minutes before the film and then everyone disappears into the theater. Timing it with a program is the way to be there and try to catch some of the action. I’ve only been to Cannes as a normal person, but I hope to make it for the festival some day.

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