Nihahi Ridge

For some reason we decided to take H on a hike a few weeks back… straight up a mountain! Both N and I have done this hike before (although it was ages ago), and we read about it in a guide book… yet we still decided that somehow this was a good idea.

We have a hiking backpack from MEC that we loaded the munchkin up in and suited her up with N. I felt so bad as he lugged, our rather large baby, up to the ridge! I loved that there were so many families hiking! There were even a few other suckers hiking their tiny humans in backpacks up the mountain… we would do the sympathetic wave as we passed.

We finally made it to the ridge and took a much needed lunch break. When I say we took a break, do not be fooled… there were many breaks along the way as well! All kidding aside it was such a beautiful day… and the views were just gorgeous! Next time perhaps we will choose something with a little less vertical!


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