To Smash or Not to Smash

As H’s first birthday approaches I have many feelings and thoughts, but today I would like to share my thoughts on the party. Does anyone else feel or felt completely overwhelmed by the idea of a first birthday party… and how ridiculous is this!! She wont even remember it!

Stressor #1: FOMO (Fear of missing out!)

By now I think the vast majority of people have seen the cake smash photos… super cute I must say. I have decided (at least at the current moment) not to do the photo shoot. My main reason is that I have nothing to do with the photos! Then I start to worry… what if I am missing out? Is H going to turn to me at 18 and be like “mom where are my cake smash photo. I need them for my collage application”. Ok maybe I am getting a bit carried away, but in all seriousness she does only turn one once so I would hate to miss some super cute moment! Did I survive without having a perfectly iced cake to destroy in a beautiful tutu… yes… so perhaps I can let this one go.

Stressor #2: Pinterest

Seriously I have cut myself off from Pinterest… I just can’t handle some of the things on there. Adorable… 100%… do I have the time, talent, wallet or desire to actually execute that… NO! Does that make me a bad mom… NO!


Stressor #3: People!

I love a gathering, but the idea of hosting one always puts me into a bit of a panic… what is someone has an allergy I forget about, can’t stand my music choices, doesn’t know anyone and feels awkward, what if I don’t make enough food? What can I say I am a people pleaser and I just need to chill… easier said than done!

Stressor #4: Accessories

Invitations, goodie bags, decorations… how do you find the right mix of clam/cool/collected with thoughtful/fun/not killing myself trying to get all details right?

I am sure it will all work out and then I can start stressing about the big 2 birthday next year! haha


4 thoughts on “To Smash or Not to Smash

  1. We basically had a party for us. Does that sound selfish??!! We invited our friends and had a bbq much like any other social gathering we had just to basically celebrate that we made it without dropping him or ruining his life so far! We made it very casual and just asked people to come. Like you said they don’t remember it but we have lots of photos of our friends who came, so he can’t say he missed out. I did a cake with a 1 on it and that was that. I personally think the party thing gets a bit out of hand and gets very expensive. I am the same as you don’t follow the party pinterest stuff, but each to their own. 🙂 Happy birthday to H.


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