Germany with a Toddler Part 1 of 4: Munich

Checking out the urban surfers

We flew through Amsterdam to Munich. It was a long flight, but we made it! Our apartment we rented in Munich was wonderful! The host was the sweetest. She had a few toys for H to play with and made sure we were settled, knew where to go for anything we needed and how to get ahold of her for anything. This was a win for sure! We spent the next few days wandering through markets, finding playgrounds that were awesome, but would not go over well back home (sadly) and making wishes in fountains in front of castles. We even managed a family photo shoot… more info on that coming soon! It’s amazing to me how we can spend a few days just living life in this different city and some people will say “what’s the point”, but to me that is the point! I love how travelling with H forces us to slow down. It makes us sit and look around. It shows us how different and yet the same we all are! 

Obviously we hit up the famous beer hall… the Hofbrauhaus. Our child discovered spatzl and “om pa pa” bands. There is a section in the hall where the old timers sit in their outfits right in front of the band. You can tell they are a bit annoyed by some of the tourists and don’t talk to most people. Well H decided to make friends and who can say no to an adorable ginger? Well these grandpa’s thought she was hilarious and encouraged her to sit and dance with them! While she might not remember it we certainly will.

One of our favorite day of all was spent wandering through the Englischer Garten. We strolled though the park on our way to the Chinese Tower, which is surrounded by a beer garden and playground. It was amazing! Everyone had the best time. I had pretzels the size of my head, the husband had beer and snacks he had always dreamed of and H had a playground with new friends to make. To top it all off was a wonderful old fashion carousel that H road countless times. Munich was the perfect way to kick off our Germany adventure! 

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